Why Detroit's Deep-Dish Pizza Is the Midwest's Best

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Editor's note: This is an episode of Food/Groups, Thrillist's YouTube series based on the deep, delicious relationships between different communities and the foods/food rituals by which they define themselves. Subscribe to Thrillist's YouTube channel and tune in for a brand-new episode every Monday.

With all due respect to Chicago’s pizza pedigree, it’s just not the only deep-dish in the Rust Belt. Consider Detroit: where the pies are rectangular, the pans are blue steel, and the people have a thing or two to say about that “other” deep-dish.

Since the end of World War II, the Motor City has been doing deep-dish pizza its own damn way -- and that way is delicious. But beneath the greasy surface are all the potent ingredients -- anger, defiance, insecurity, and piping-hot pride -- that define the city and the 700,000+ souls who call it home. On this episode of Food/Groups, Dave Infante heads to Detroit to break bread -- er, pizza -- with those who call it home. 

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