Which of Your Favorite '90s Snacks Are Actually Still Around?

You've probably (hopefully) developed new interests since 1997, which means you likely haven't gone cruising for Flintstones Push-Ups in years. But if you popped into the frozen section right now, would you be able to find Fred's face? Because grocery store politics can make it hard to tell what's gone and what's merely harder to get, we dug into the fates of 10 essential '90s treats. Some are still alive and well. Others, like Dishwalla, just weren't prepared for the aughts.


Fruit Gushers

Are they still around? Yep! A lot of the flavors you enjoyed are now deceased, but General Mills still makes six kinds and a variety pack.

Baby Bottle Pops

Are they still around? Somehow, yes. In most cases, you'll have to order in bulk, but you can get individual "Christmas Punch" suckers at Walmart.

Adam Lapetina/Thrillist

3D Doritos

Are they still around? Kinda, sorta. 3D Doritos as we knew them (i.e., a vital laundromat snack) are dead and gone. But this February, Doritos introduced Doritos Jacked 3D in Jalapeño Pepper Jack and Bacon Cheddar Ranch. The chips have way more holes in 'em than their forebears, but the tenuous connection is still there.


Are they still around? Only in Canada. So you either need to shell out for the exorbitant shipping fee, or hit the nearest grocery store across the border. They are worth the passport stamp.

M&M's U.S.A.

Crispy M&M's

Are they still around? Yes, but only after a decade-long hiatus. The loudest M&M's variety of the bunch was buried in the candy cemetery in 2005, and reemerged this past January thanks to incessant customer requests. Mars says the stuff is here to stay, but just to be safe, better stock up on those bright green bags.

Fruit by the Foot

Are they still around? General Mills knew the public would riot without Berry Tie-Dye Fruit by the Foot, so yes.

Flintstones Push-ups

Flintstones Push-Ups

Are they still around? Only as "orange frozen treats" with zero ties to the Flintstones clan. Or even the Rubbles! So they might as well be gone forever.

Butterfinger BB's

Are they still around? If you consider Butterfinger Bites to be an adequate successor, we suppose. But the original Whopper-esque candies left this world for peanut butter-ier pastures in 2006.



Are they still around? Nope. Nestle sold the brand to Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company in '04, and the group soon gave up on the Wonderball, which was already drawing considerable heat from parents over potential choking hazards. (This is also why we can't have Kinder Eggs.) A YouTube vigilante claimed Frankford sent her a letter in 2012 hinting that Wonderballs were on the way back, but it looks like those were empty promises.

Ritz Handi-Snacks

Are they still around? Sure are. You can even add them to your Target wedding registry, like a responsible adult.

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Kristin Hunt is a staff writer for Thrillist, and refuses to eat any push-pop without Fred Flintstone's face on it. Follow her to principles at @kristin_hunt.