Disneyland Is Celebrating 60 Years With Pulled Pork Cones

Disney has done some pretty exciting things with bread cones in the past (hello, mac 'n cheese cone), but with Disneyland's 60th anniversary on the horizon, they decided to pull out the big guns. Starting today and continuing through Saturday, the park will offer pulled pork cones and a ton more specialty foods to celebrate its big birthday.

The BBQ pulled pork & slaw cones will be available at California Adventure, along with intriguing entrees like a bacon, egg, and sausage hot dog and mac 'n cheese pizza. Over at the main Disneyland grounds, you can enjoy shrimp po' boys, mocha chip funnel cakes, Mickey-shaped corn chowder bread bowls, and this beautiful blue ice cream sandwich:

(Save all your jokes about crystals, Breaking Bad junkies. This is a place for children!)

You can drool over the entire menu at the official Disney blog, or go sample the stuff for yourself in Anaheim right now.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist. She has not been to Disney in about 15 years, and these pulled pork cones are making the absence even more painful. Follow her to yearning at @kristin_hunt.