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Domino's is giving away 20,000 free pizzas today because the Phillies suck

UPDATE: We know that you guys suffered from some technical difficulties, and we want to make it up to you. Tell us your go-to Dominos order for a chance at a meal on us!

You should probably do something nice for the LA Dodgers' Josh Beckett, because the man just scored you free pizza. As part of a partnership with the MLB, Domino's has pledged free medium two-topping pan pizzas after each of the season's first two no-hitters, and Beckett just pitched the first one this Sunday against that shell of a team that plays in Philadelphia. The offer will be good for the first 20,000 fans who hit up the promo site for the freebie code at 3pm today -- the only catch is you need an account to play ball. But they're free, and don't require you to volunteer your first pet's maiden name, so you should probably go set one up now. Then keep an eye out for the next perfect pitch, which could strike in just another fortnight.

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