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Domino's DomiCopter will chopper pizzas straight to your face

Domino's domicopter helicopter delivering pizzas in London

What's that in the sky? It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... an eight-rotor'd pizza-delivering corporate-sponsored robot

Domino's in London is reportedly testing out this "DomiCopter" (developed by the creative geniuses at T + Biscuits and the technological ones at AeroSight) to deliver pizzas to their customers via the air, without having to deal with pesky road traffic or the occasional great pizza train robbery. Currently, the maximum load of this thing is two pies, so anyone wanting an order of cheesy-cinnamon-marinara bread will have to let it go, but with a speed of 24mph, you can bet your hot slices will get to you in 30min or less. Unless it figures out how to turn the Earth backwards like real Superman

Check out this über-dramatic delivery video and catch the DomiCopter in action