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Guy Finds $1,300 in Domino's Pizza Box, Returns It, Wins a Year of Free Pizza

Published On 09/21/2015 Published On 09/21/2015

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you $1,300, you pocket the hell out of that shit, because you're an awful person with bills to pay. Or maybe you're not?

Such was the dilemma facing Mike Vegas, a Berkeley resident who ordered a pizza and some wings from his local Domino's on Friday, but received a pizza and two giant wads of cash instead. Vegas apparently ate one slice of the pizza, then headed off to work after putting the rest in the fridge (which, who does this?!).

It wasn't until he returned home and attempted to feast on the leftovers that he realized his wings had been replaced with nearly $1,300 in cold, hard cash. He then noticed his phone had blown up with messages from the delivery driver, who'd been on his way to deposit his money at the bank and placed it in the wings box for safekeeping -- as you do, when you're a Domino's delivery driver. Apparently.

After posting the above photo and agonizing about his choices on Facebook, Vegas decided to be a decent human being and return the money to its rightful owner. As a karmic thank you, Domino's has offered him free pizza for an entire year, and while it might not take the sting out of being $1,300 poorer, the prospect of unlimited toppings definitely helps.

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