Watch Domino's Land the World's First Pizza Delivery Drone

Quake-torn New Zealand caught a pretty cool break yesterday when a specially designed drone delivered a couple of piping-hot Domino's pizzas to some very lucky Kiwis. And there's even a Facebook video to prove it. The drone landing marks one small step for pizza, and a giant leap for Pizzakind.

Intent on wowing the world with its tech-savvy transportation methods, Domino's New Zealand began drumming up the idea with a drone company called Flirtey about three months ago. The video shows the completed aerial vehicle zooming over a white two-story home in Whangaparaoa -- a suburb north of Auckland -- then dropping down to present the hungry resident with his two pies: a "Peri-Peri" chicken pizza as well as one topped with chicken and cranberries. In other news, New Zealand has a vastly different Domino's menu than we do.

According to The NZ Herald , yesterday's trip was just a test flight, but Domino's plans on expanding the operation to additional locations in the next year. The Herald also reported that a combination of GPS navigation, a team of experts, and a drone pilot helped the machine complete its mission. And because the drone was able to Go-Go-Gadget itself over traffic, the entire delivery took under three minutes door-to-door, a far cry from "30 minutes or less."

While this might be a victory for pizza lovers everywhere, we can't help but feel sorry for the poor pizza delivery guys who might find themselves out of a job very, very soon. As for lonely housewives? Well, they can always dress robots up in Domino's hats.

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