Domino's ups its chicken game with bacon, BBQ, and more bacon

Dominos specialty chicken

Continuing its campaign of "Hey, we used to be mediocre, and now we taste good because we changed everything!" that started with new crust and hit its stride with deep-dish pies, Domino's has now turned its re-branding lens on pizza's favorite complement: beer chicken. The pizza chain just announced a line of "Specialty Chicken" which includes such illustrious picks as Classic Hot Buffalo, Sweet BBQ Bacon, Spicy Jalapeno-Pineapple, and Crispy Bacon and Tomato, just in case there wasn't enough bacon. And while adding bacon to anything usually means an increase in quality, these suckers are made of 100% white meat, and run a mere $5.99 per box, so you can get a product of increased quality for the same price you fell in love with at midnight every Friday in college.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and has always been better at gin rummy than dominoes. Follow her to pizza-fueled matches at @kristin_hunt.