Vote: One of these Videos Will Be the Doritos Super Bowl Commercial

Each year, Doritos calls on the public to create their Super Bowl commercial for such illustrious prizes as $1 million and a slick movie gig at Sony. The Crash the Super Bowl contest always produces some quality work, but it's your duty to make sure the right ad goes on the air by voting for your favorite. This year's 10 finalists were just revealed this week, so it's time to put that suffrage in action.

The 2015 crop runs the gamut from "Selfish Sneezers" (a bunch of bros mark their bags by sneezing all over 'em) to "Lemonade Stand" (a business-savvy little girl makes a killing by offering a bag of Doritos with her lemonade). While you're welcome to watch them all on the official site, we embedded the five with the current highest number of views below for your convenience. From the looks of it, the winner's gonna star at least one kid. It's just a question of whether that kid will be 7 or 37. You decide:

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist. Her first word was sadly not "Dorito." Follow her at @kristin_hunt.