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Dorito-dusted Buffalo Wild Wings might be coming soon

A brand new Doritos Locos Tacos-inspired food is in the test labs as we speak -- and this thing's not even padlocked! Buffalo Wild Wings recently inked a deal with Pepsi, which owns Doritos, and if all goes according to plan we may have Doritos-topped chicken wings in the near future.

According to The AP, the PepsiCo food innovation lab has been running some exciting samples by Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith. They've discussed the possibility of adding Doritos as a straight-up side dish, but are also considering Doritos-dusted chicken wings and tenders. (There are additional rumors of Mountain Dew-based wing sauces, except we'd rather not talk about that.) Don't get too psyched: the whole thing is very much in the early stages, and might not pan out. Pray to your snack chip gods that Sally makes the right call.