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Innovative Smuggler Tries to Fool Cops by Hiding Meth in Tortillas

Published On 11/02/2016 Published On 11/02/2016

Drug smugglers are some of the most creative people on this planet, constantly finding innovative ways to sneak their illegal products across borders. If they have proven anything over the years, it is that pretty much everything can be used to hide drugs -- including an unsuspecting bag of tortillas. 

Last Friday, a 62-year-old Arizona man was apprehended attempting to sneakily transport nearly 3lbs of methamphetamine over a border crossing in Nogales, Arizona. The stash was hidden in creatively hollowed-out stacks of tortillas. A canine sniffed out the drugs, but jury's still out on what caused the pup to investigate the creative trafficker -- the drugs or the enticing carbohydrates. 

This isn't the first time drug runners have used food as a way of transporting their wares. A mere day before the tortilla incident went down, US Customs and Border Protection reported that Texas officers found 88lbs -- that's well over $1,750,000 -- of what they suspected was meth tucked away in a tractor trailer full of carrots. And last summer, the same agency announced that more than 4,000lbs of weed (about $800,000) was detected hidden in a truck full of limes just a month after $5,000,000 worth of meth showed up stuffed inside shipments of jalapeƱos and cucumbers.

In the case of #tortillagate, agents, of course, seized the meth and turned its owner over to ICE (that's cop talk for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement). The state of the tortillas is currently unknown, but if any of you located in the Southwest happen to spot some officers squeezing lime juice onto a few jalapeƱo-topped carrot-cucumber tacos on their lunch break, be sure to let us know.

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