Forget Chinatown, Flushing Is Home to Some of NYC’s Best Dumplings

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Ten miles east of New York City's "original" Chinatown in Downtown Manhattan lies one of the fastest-growing Asian-American neighborhoods in the country: Flushing, Queens.

Mandarin-speaking Chinese immigrants dominate the scene here on the outskirts of this outer borough, so it's become a must-hit food mecca for less-touristy tastes of Chinese-American staples. Take dumplings. Flushing has some of the city's very finest examples, and together they form a crucial part of the culinary and social fabric of "Chinese Manhattan."

But you can't talk about Flushing and dumplings without talking to the Queen of Dumplings herself: Helen You. So we caught up with her at Dumpling Galaxy (her second Flushing dumpling house, opened after the runaway success of her still-fantastic Tianjin Dumpling House in Golden Mall) to get her take on what these tasty, doughy little orbs of joy mean to the neighborhood. 

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