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Easy Lasagna Recipes Will Make You Love Mondays

Published On 11/29/2016 Published On 11/29/2016

While it's usually bad advice to listen to morbidly obese orange cats, two truths can be gleaned from the philosopher known as Garfield: Mondays are the worst and lasagna is the best. This winter, stop trying to emulate your grandma's lasagna recipe -- you're seriously never going to get there, bro -- and take one of these nine tried-and-true puppies for a spin.

Easy spinach alfredo lasagna

"No tomatoes, no problem," says this luscious, super-simple spinach alfredo recipe, which can definitely talk. It's packed full of Popeye-approved iron, though any health benefits may be outweighed by two cups of delicious, melty shredded cheese and a 15oz tub of ricotta (at least it's part-skim). Either way, totally and completely worth it. Recipe here.

Deep-fried lasagna bites 

It may not be the healthiest dish on the block, but it sure hits the spot. The St. Louis toasted ravioli-inspired homemade Any'tizer™ is bursting with creamy goodness, and the added spinach -- as well as the fact that it's vegetarian -- helps to soften the battered-and-fried blow a tad. This recipe uses store-bought lasagna, but feel free to DIY it if you're feeling frisky. Recipe here.

Easy vegetable lasagna 

Chock-full of basil, tomatoes, yellow squash, and zucchini, this vegetarian lasagna recipe is guaranteed to sway a whole room full of carnivorous diners (the generous amount of mozz, Parmesan, and ricotta doesn't exactly hurt its case). And, of course, it's just as easy on the eyes as it is on the tum. Recipe here.

Crock-Pot lasagna soup 

As the saying goes, "Have slow cooker, must soup," (or something like that). In any case, if you do find yourself equipped with a good old-fashioned Crock-Pot, you could do much, much worse than to whip up this super-filling lasagna soup. It's kind of like pasta e fagioli but without the unpronounceable name or the useless beans. Who needs beans when you have bell peppers, mushrooms, and spinach anyway. It also includes 100% more cheese than your standard fagioli, which makes it 100% better. Recipe here.

Noodleless butternut squash lasagna

Stumped on what to make for your girlfriend’s gluten-free, no-red-meat, carb-adverse dinner party? This recipe has you covered. Tender butternut squash, a peppery Italian chicken-sausage marina, and the requisite part-skim mozzarella-ricotta combo stand in for the usual suspects here, tricking your taste buds into believing that world without wheat might not be so bad after all -- at least for one night. Recipe here.

Lasagna dip and Tuttorosso tomatoes

Jury’s still out on what exactly Tuttorosso tomatoes are, but, boy, do we know a good dip when we see one. Molten layers of cheese, rich tomato sauce, and meaty Italian sausage lurk beneath a gooey hunk of mozzarella cheese, all baked to delicious, crispy perfection and ready for a garlic bread invasion. Say it with us now, "When we dip, you dip, we dip…" Get the recipe here.

Turkey and spinach spaghetti squash lasagna

This gluten-free, vitamin-packed recipe is loaded with all the comfort, but none of the fat. A heap of well-spiced turkey sausage takes the place of beef inside the heart-healthy, iron-rich spinach and marinara sauce blend, and the whole mess is nestled inside a chewy spaghetti squash shell before being crowned with melted mozzarella. Also it takes like no time to make and looks delicious as all get out. Learn how to make it here.

Simple vegetarian skillet lasagna

Ditching the traditional square pan for a round skillet has many benefits, chief among them the fact that you're getting a ring of crisp, caramelized cheese. This sucker's packed with zucchini and mushrooms, and gives you the option to sub in full-fat coconut milk... though, really, if you're already going all-in on this cheese, you're not really aiming to please the lactose intolerant. Recipe here.

Shredded pork lasagna with smoked provolone and crispy sage

When you think "shredded pork," it's likely that something like carnitas comes to mind more quickly than "gigantic pot of cheesy comfort." Maybe that's because "carnitas" is more fun to say. Regardless, this one-pot recipe takes tender pork out of the tortilla and into the layered kingdom of lasagna, with crispy sage along for the ride. The recipe calls for leftover pig. We say it's just a good excuse to buy a pork roast. Recipe here.

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