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Eat the pain away with these True Blood GIFs

True Blood

This Sunday's episode of True Blood is entitled "F*** the Pain Away". And since there aren't a whole lot of GIFs of Sookie biting into Peaches, we decided to take the high route by focusing on the characters' other carnal pleasures: eating and drinking

He must be talking about this upcoming episode of True Blood.

She's looking for a carton of milk...

... for the strengthening power of calcium!

Not every time is a good time for pie.

Morning coffee, Louisiana-style.

Veggie burger, bacon-style.

Lunch date.

Pint of tears.

Dude looks like he already had some beets to snack on.

Dinner is served!

At least he's still got a pulse.

When making sure someone's not a vampire, demand the highest proof.

Interview with a beer drinker.

Ain't nothing like the real thing.

To good-but-not-eternal health!