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Fajita Martini GIF. That is all.

Fajita Martini at El Corazon de Tejas, Dallas TX

The fajita is what happens when still-sizzling meat decides it wants to get married to every Mexi-condiment it can find; it's kinda the pinnacle of all that is Tex-Mex goodness. That is, until now, because some folks down in Dallas at El Corazon de Tejas just rewrote the libro on fajitas, effectively deconstructing one and replacing the tortilla with a much classier, even-lower-carb martini glass. See the GIF proof below

You still get bell peppers, onions, and rice, only now they're a bed for the perfectly-grilled beef & chicken, which lays on top snuggled under a layer of guac, sour cream, pico, and cheese, while a ring of tortilla chips gawks from the side at one of the sexiest apps on the planet.