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From Swayze to Jesse Pinkman, 9 famous stars in famously embarrassing food commercials

Patrick Swayze PBR

Back in the day, struggling would-be stars could shoot an embarrassing Burger King ad, pick up the check, and wait for TV watchers to forget about how stupid their visors looked. But now, thanks to the power of the interwebs, we have those mortifying commercials, suckers! Here are eight of the very best food and drink spots from pre-fame celebrities, including one jazz-hand-happy Batman.

Stars: Megan Mullally & John Goodman
Product: McDonald's Egg McMuffin

Before she was busy playing a bitchy lush and being part of the most weirdly hilarious power couple around, Megan Mullally was spreading the word on the 99 cent McMuffin. Customer John Goodman approved.

Star: Aaron Paul
Product: Corn Pops

But Mr. White, he's just gotta have his blue meth Pops!

Star: Leonardo DiCaprio
Product: Bubble Yum

Years from now, when Leo wins his lifetime achievement Oscar, you better believe this gem'll show up in the tribute video. (Most likely sandwiched between his fine shark-punching work in The Beach and a five minute loop of that Wolf of Wall Street GIF.)

Star: Bruce Willis
Product: Seagrams

Should you ever find yourself the least bit intimidated by Bruce Willis, remember that time he disgraced himself in this wine cooler commercial. People don't forget, McClane.

Star: Patrick Swayze
Product: Pabst Blue Ribbon

If this disco tour de force is why hipsters have been consuming PBR all along, everyone in the world should take back every mean thing they've ever said about them.

Star: Lindsay Lohan
Product: Jell-O

Only God and Bill Cosby will ever know what was in that enabling gelatin.

Star: Brad Pitt
Product: Pringles

It's highly unclear whether "the fever" is a hankering for Pringles or a really bad acid trip on the beach, but this early Brad Pitt commercial remains some of his most versatile work.

Star: Christian Bale
Product: Pac-Man Cereal

He's not the cheesy kid actor we need, but he's definitely the one we deserve.