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Every State's Favorite Cooking Show, Mapped

Ever feel like you're the only one in town bingeing on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, cringing along with Bar Rescue, or ogling Giada's latest pasta salad (or, you know, just Giada)? Fret not, my TV-loving pal -- depending on where you live, you're actually surrounded by like-minded friends.

map of cooking shows
Click map to enlarge | Courtesy of just released a map that uses data from Google Trends to document each state’s most watched cooking shows, from Connecticut's Barefoot Contessa obsession to Kentucky's affinity for Marc Summers and his behind-the-scenes series, Unwrapped. Some of the trends are clearly regional -- New Jersey's finest rep their own by supporting Cake Boss, Emeril rules the roost down in the Bayou, and DC natives are loyal to DC Cupcakes. The study also shows regional devotions, like the Western frontier's obvious interest in The Pioneer Woman and The Wild Within.

Despite these no-brainers, a few other favorites strike us as a bit out of left field. Missouri, a Midwestern state whose population ranks among the top-10 most obese in that nation, appears to be hoping for the best by watching Cook Yourself Thin on repeat. And for some unknown reason, relatively pastoral Maine and Pennsylvania can't get enough Kitchen Nightmares -- though maybe lifelong Mainer Stephen King just keeps Googling "kitchen nightmares" as research for his 563rd novel.

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