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The FDA Says Vegan Mayo Isn't Mayo, Because Vegan Mayo Isn't Mayo

Published On 08/27/2015 Published On 08/27/2015

The FDA wants to save America from falling for phony mayo infiltrating the nation's grocery stores.

The federal agency has cracked the miracle whip and issued a warning letter to Hampton Creek, a San Francisco-based startup that produces a popular egg-free vegan mayo product called Just Mayo. Specifically, the letter alleges that the condiment's labeling is misleading because it must contain eggs in order to be considered as real mayonnaise, among other issues. In other words, hide your bread, hide your knife -- vegan mayo is not actually mayo.

"The name 'Just Mayo' and an image of an egg are prominently featured on the labels for these products," the letter stated. "The term 'mayo' has long been used and understood as shorthand or slang for mayonnaise. The use of the term 'mayo' in the product names and the image of an egg may be misleading to consumers because it may lead them to believe that the products are the standardized food, mayonnaise, which must contain eggs..."

The regulators also have a problem with Hampton Creek's claim that Just Mayo is cholesterol free. However, Hampton Creek CEO Josh Tetrick said the company doesn't plan on changing the product's name and hopes to work out the issue with the agency, according to a report by Inc. Maybe they'll sort it all out over sandwiches.

Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and is so glad we finally have the final word on this critically important issue. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.



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