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Filet mignon jerky is just one Kickstarter funding away from your belly

Published On 08/02/2013 Published On 08/02/2013
Filet mignon jerky

We've had some trust issues with jerky Kickstarter projects ever since our hopes and dreams were crushed by the Kobe beef jerky scam. But luckily, there's a sexy, honest new jerky in town, and it might just teach us to love again. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you filet mignon jerky.

That first photo is the original filet mignon jerky, but the dudes behind Three Jerks Jerky didn't stop there. The food p*rn right above is their Memphis BBQ variety, made with a dry rub that starts out sweet before delivering a swift cayenne kick to your tongue.

Next up is their Chipotle Adobo jerky, which is slathered in a classic Filipino marinade and a Mexican chipotle glaze. But try not to crap your pants, because here comes their craziest flavor...

23 KARAT GOLD FILET MIGNON JERKY. Its future is in your hands, friend. Do the right thing and throw some cash Three Jerks Jerky's way. They've got less than a month left, so hop to it! Seriously: hop to it.