Filet mignon jerky is now a real thing, so you should go buy all of it

Three Jerks Jerky filet mignon
Three Jerks Jerky Facebook

Back in August, we alerted you to the crucial jerky innovators over at Three Jerks Jerky, who were valiantly fighting for Kickstarter funding for their line of filet mignon meat treats. Well break out the Rocky theme music and start doing air punches, because the guys just officially launched, meaning you can go stockpile on all three of their delicious varieties RIGHT NOW

In case you need reminding, Three Jerks Jerky offers original, Memphis BBQ, and chipotle adobo flavors, plus a three-pack for commitment-phobes. Unfortunately their insane 23 karat gold-coated jerky won't be in the official store -- it was Kickstarter-only -- but you can still get down to some very serious, very delectable shopping at the brand new Three Jerks Jerky home.