Food Brands You're Pronouncing Completely Wrong

Ferrero Rocher chocolate
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Picture this: you're at a crowded bar with a friend. She asks you what you want, and you tell her, "Whatever you're having." Then, your friend proceeds to scream, "Two Stella Ar-Toys, please!!" at the bartender. Don't see what's wrong with this totally real scenario that happened to me just two weeks ago? You're part of the problem. 

But with this pronunciation guide to your favorite vowel-filled food brands (the spiritual sequel to our 15 most commonly mispronounced foods story), you'll be well on your way to a more informed, less embarrassing adult existence. You hear that, Emily??

Sriracha bottles
Flickr/hermitsmoores (Edited)
Bottle of orange Cointreau
Flickr/Scott Schiller (Edited)
Cups of Fage yogurt
Flickr/Leslie (Edited)
Stella Artois
Flickr/Matt Obee (Edited)
Bottle evian on sand
Flickr/Seungbong Lee (Edited)
Godiva truffles
Flickr/WoofBC (Edited)
Glass of cynar
Flickr/Jeremy Brooks (Edited)
Hoegaarden beer in cup
Flickr/Shih-Pei Chang (Edited)
maraschino cherries
Milleflore Images/Shutterstock (Edited)
glaceau vitamin water
Flickr/Sarah Gilbert (Edited)
ferrero rocher
Flickr/Sarah Macmillan (Edited)
Flickr/Mark Nockleby (Edited)

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Michelle No is a production assistant at Thrillist and she'd like to continue mispronouncing Hoegaarden. Follow her on Twitter at @Michelle_No and Instagram at @MichelleNope.