BBQ sauce and other various gift items
Cole Saladino/Thrillist
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

37 Gifts for People Who Love to Eat

Tomato Achaar, Sriracha sauce, and Bourbon Smoked Togarashi
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Brooklyn Delhi achaar

Price: $8.75
Where to purchase:Brooklyn Delhi
Why bother buying ketchup when you can pull one of these Indian relishes, known as aachar, out of your pantry. The aachar -- which come in flavors like roasted garlic, tomato, and rhubarb ginger -- are fierce, but not blisteringly hot, and go splendidly well with eggs, pizza, and sandwiches of all varieties. Slap them on your next grilled cheese, and get ready for your life to change.

Gochujang Sriracha

Price: $9.99
Where to purchase:Bushwick Kitchen
The world’s obsession with Sriracha isn’t going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean we all have to spend our lives dousing eggs with hot sauce from a green-capped plastic squeeze bottle. Enter Bushwick Kitchen’s gochujang Weak Knees -- it blends spicy Sriracha with a fermented Korean hot sauce known as gochujang. Put it on sandwiches, burgers, chicken, fries… hell, even ice cream. We’re not the flavor police.

Bourbon-smoked togarashi

Price: $9.50
Where to purchase:Farm to People
You might be asking yourself: “What is Togarashi, and why do I care if it’s bourbon-smoked?” Good question. It’s a devastatingly underrated savory/sweet Japanese pepper blend that can easily enhance meats, noodles, soups… actually, almost anything really. The smoky bourbon tones bend tradition without breaking it fully -- adding another dynamic layer to the spice.

BBQ sauce and avocado huggers
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Lillie's Q BBQ sauce

Price: $8
Where to purchase:Lillie's Q
Not all of your barbecue sauce has to come from your local supermarket. In fact, none of your barbecue sauce should come from your local supermarket. Chicago’s Lillie’s Q uses all-natural ingredients, and bases each of its sauces around a distinct region of the South. Try the Memphis-inspired Smoky for a tangy companion to your slow-cooked ribs. Or the wildly idiosyncratic, cayenne-filled Ivory (it’s white, don’t be alarmed) that is perfect for lighter dishes like French fries and fried chicken.

Avocado Huggers

Price: $7.95
Where to purchase:Uncommon Goods
Everyone deserves a hug -- even single-seed, large berry fruits like avocados. These avocado huggers will make sure that unused half of avocado left over from this morning’s toast remains fresh. Because as we all know, cut avocados go from “good” to “oh-God-please-destroy-that-thing-and-send-it-to-hell” in approximately four seconds.

Chocolate bars, snowman beverage toppers, hot cocoa on a stick
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Compartes chocolate bars

Price: $9.95 each
Where to purchase:Compartes
Even if you are the kind of person to head straight for a Twix over its bougier candy counterparts, you can’t deny the sheer brilliance of Compartes chocolate bars. The company is known for its penchant for surprising flavor combinations. Take the Donuts & Coffee milk chocolate bar. It blends chunks of donuts from some of Los Angeles’ premier bakeries with a coffee-spiked chocolate.

Marshmallow snowman beverage topper 

Price: $10
Where to purchase:Sur La Table
The best way to jazz up a mug of hot chocolate (yes, even one made from a three-year-old packet of Swiss Miss) is with a good marshmallow. These snowmen marshmallows fit perfectly into a mug, and they’re festive to boot, even if they are a little bit twee.

Hot cocoa on a stick

Price: $6
Where to purchase:Sur La Table
Making a cup of delicious hot peppermint cocoa is a lot like rock climbing. Sure, in theory it would be great to go rock climbing. You’d probably enjoy it. But you don’t really want to go get all that equipment and do all that work, do you? Consider this cocoa on a stick your shortcut to peppermint-flavored greatness. All you do is swirl it around a cup of hot milk and voila -- you have a beverage worthy of an upscale Swedish ski resort where people drop words like “apres.”

Pizza coasters, bourbon lollipops, champagne gummy bears
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Pizza coasters

Price: $5
Where to purchase:Kikkerland
Nothing goes together like pizza and beer, except pizza coasters and ice-cold beer. These miniature, grease-free pizza plate coasters (in three flavors: plain, veggie, and pepperoni, naturally) protect your table from beer condensation all while reminding you of your favorite food, which is a definite win-win.

Champagne gummy bears

Price: $4.49
Where to purchase:Target
If you want to exude class while eating like a 4-year-old (who the hell wouldn't?) look no further than these wine-infused gummy bears -- in brut or rosé -- that are a definite step up from soaking gummy worms in vodka before the Chi-Theta semi-formal. They are the ultimate in gummy chic. 

Bourbon lollipops

Price: $8 (for four)
Where to purchase:Lollyphile
There are few lollipops that would be considered more American this one (unless, of course, someone figured out how to turn a Big Mac into candy). This creation, by Austin’s Lollyphile, is the best way to enjoy the flavor of bourbon all day long without having to walk around with a bottle of Jim Beam at your lips.

Skull sugar spoon

Price: $10
Where to purchase: MoMA Store
Do you like your coffee paired with a scoop of sugar and a side of existential dread? Great news! This skull-shaped sugar spoon brings a much-needed dose of mortality to every morning. All men (and women) must die, but no man (or woman) should live without a skull spoon. 

Taco beanie, pineapple trivet, and burger & fries pins
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Taco beanie

Price: $22
Where to purchase:Coal Headwear 
You can’t really call yourself a true taco lover if you don’t own a beanie adorned with a taco. Best of all, the rib-knit hat will keep any taco fans warm all winter long while they wait outside in lines at their favorite taco trucks.


Price: $12.99
Where to purchase:H&M
Think of trivets as coasters but for your hot pans -- they are the guardian angels of tables, so they deserve to look good. Look no further than Swedish mega-retailer H&M for an assortment of killer trivets. Shit is golden. Literally.  

Burger and fries pin pack

Price: $20
Where to purchase:Pintrill 
Forget those dopey organic canvas bags or "Keep Calm and Kale On" pins. Declare your comfort-food pride with these enamel pins, because there’s no shame in loving the classic combination of burgers and fries.

Waffle espresso cups, Sloth tea infuser, Sriracha powder, and candy
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Waffle espresso cup variety pack

Price: $18.50 
Where to purchase: Waffleshot
For aspiring at-home Instagrammers, these waffle cones, coated on the inside with chocolate, offer the dreamiest way to photograph -- and drink -- coffee. The variety pack boasts three flavors: smooth white chocolate with a crumbled Speculoos cookie rim, marshmallow cream covered in chocolate with a graham cracker rim, and a Nutella coating with a chocolate cookie rim. Best of all, they are completely edible, which means you don’t have to wash any dishes.

Sloth tea infuser

Price: $14.99
Where to purchase:ModCloth
Things you want in your life to be sloth-like? A tea infuser. This silicone sloth clings to the side of your favorite mug and brews you an incredible cup of tea, slowly and calmly. 

Sriracha powder

Price: $7.83
Where to purchase:The Spice House
It’s time to take your Sriracha obsession to a new level. The Spice House has figured out a way to transform the popular chili sauce into a portable powder that still hits all its spicy, vinegary notes, but without any soggy mess -- sprinkle it on popcorn, soups, eggs, or avocado toast. 

Candy Is Magic gift box

Price: $16 
Where to purchase: Quin
Sometimes all you really want for the holidays is a really good box of candy that you can sit and eat while avoiding the rest of your family. Made by Quin, one of Portland, Oregon’s favorite candy makers, this little box packs in a load of goodies, with some of the country's best salted caramels and chocolate chews.

Mini-waffle maker, portable phone charger, ladybug chocolates, Lil' Lager baby bottle
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Mini-waffle maker

Price: $18 
Where to purchase:Urban Outfitters 
What's better than waffles? Miniature waffles made in a baby-blue waffle maker, that's what. And it’s not just because of the cute-factor: The smaller waffles have more little pockets for catching syrup and a better crunch-to-surface ratio than your average, boring-sized, regular ol' waffle. Plus, you can make them at your desk, as long as you have a good spot to hide your syrup stash. 

Sunny Side Up portable charger

Price: $24
Where to purchase: Urban Outfitters
That friend who's always bugging the bartender to plug her phone in? This credit card-sized charger, emblazoned with adorable illustrated eggs, is cute enough for her to it drop in her bag and stay at the ready to fuel a full night of Snapchatting (because let’s be real, if you don’t Snap the shot ski, did it really happen?!!).

Lil' Lager baby bottle

Price: $12.99 
Where to purchase:Perpetual Kid
Just lost a friend to a crying, burping tiny human clone? (Err, we mean, the miracle of life?) Don't pour one out. Get them a BPA-free baby beer bottle for the little one. That way your friend can pretend like they are at the bar, even though they are actually being a responsible parent. 

Cook books
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Everything I Want to Eat by Jessica Koslow 

Price: $40
Where to purchase:Abrams
If you've spent any time on Instagram this year, you probably have not been able to escape images of thick slices of toast loaded with mountains of ricotta and jam. And you can thank Jessica Koslow, the chef and breakfast wunderkind behind the hit Los Angeles restaurant Sqirl, for that. Everything I Want to Eat is her debut cookbook 00 and yes, it will teach you how to make that Instagram-worthy toast, as well as many other delicious things like fancy lemonade and crispy rice bowls. 

Appetites by Anthony Bourdain

Price: $26.25
Where to purchase: Harper Collins
Anthony Bourdain spends most of his time traveling the world and eating the best food every country has to offer. But on his occasional days off, the former chef does get down and dirty in the kitchen making things like buddae jjigae, a Spam-flecked Korean stew, and surprisingly, those trendy acai bowls. There are recipes from all over the globe, all of which are stamped with the Bourdain seal of approval, so you know they must be good. 

Power Vegetables by Peter Meehan

Price: $35
Where to purchase:Penguin Random House
Power Vegetables might sound like the name of a bad diet fad from the 1980s, but in fact it’s a brilliant cookbook from Lucky Peach editor Peter Meehan that makes vegetables fun and not something you have on your plate just so you won’t disappoint your mom. And if you’re worried it’s a totally vegetarian cookbook, fear not, there’s enough meat to be found amongst all the leafy greens.

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

Price: $29.99
Where to purchase:Penguin Random House
Usually emulating the diet of your favorite celebrities involves choking down smoothies made with strange (and expensive) powders and bowls of gluten-free, fat-free, everything-free pasta. But that’s not the case with model Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings, one of the most popular cookbooks released this year. It’s loaded with recipes for dishes like a Buffalo chicken artichoke dip -- simple to make and something you actually want to eat. 

Caramel corn, rainbow flatware, salt gift set, Ora tea pot
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Boozy caramel corn tin

Price: $49.95
Where to purchase: FoodyDirect
Popcorn is usually the stale snack at the dive bar that you sheepishly grab by the fistful while throwing back one-too-many whiskey gingers. But thanks to Brooklyn cocktail-and-dessert bar Butter & Scotch, the booze is now in your popcorn...and it's not stale. The giant 3lb tin holds three different spiked flavors: Dark & Stormy (ginger, lime, dark rum); Hot Toddy (bourbon, lemon zest, honey); Green Hatch Chile Margarita (tequila, lime, Green Hatch chiles).

Rainbow flatware

Price: $59
Where to purchase:Urban Outfitters
Everyone and their mom has silverware, so why not upgrade your forks, knives, and spoons with this multicolored set? It might feel weird to be excited about utensils, but when they are rainbow-colored they instantly make everything more fun to eat -- even that boring bowl of cornflakes you down each morning. 

Fancy salt gift set

Price: $40
Where to purchase: Jacobsen Salt Co.
The next time someone says, “Pass the salt,” you can retort with, “Which flavor? Sweet onion? Habanero? Garlic? Black pepper? Or black garlic?” thanks to this set of fancy salts. Made by the experts at Jacobsen Salt Co., an Oregon-based company, each salt comes in its own cork-topped vial, meaning it looks better than your salt shaker, too. 

Ora tea pot

Price: $45
Where to purchase:Kikkerland
This teapot is neither short nor stout, but that is what makes it so gift-worthy. The clean, minimal clear pot is double-walled which means you can easily pick it up without burning your hands. It also has a wire tea infuser which means you can brew loose tea like a fancy person. Now just remember to sip your tea with your pinky out. 

Frenchie cutting board, R2-D2 coffee maker, HyperChiller
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Frenchie cutting board

Price: $68
Where to purchase: Anthropologie
If we’re being honest, this isn’t the kind of board you do any heavy slicing or dicing on, but it is the kind you use to display fancy cheeses (or an assortment of Babybel, no judgments here) when pals come over. 

R2-D2 coffee maker

Price: $39.99
Where to purchase:ThinkGeek
Turns out R2-D2’s best friend is not C-3PO, but coffee. This French press, cleverly disguised as everyone’s favorite astromech droid, is the perfect gift for every caffeine-addicted nerd in your life. Let the coffee -- which is basically the same as the force -- be with you


Price: $29.99
Where to purchase:HyperChiller 
The HyperChiller is the best gift you can give anyone in your life who is both frequently impatient and also frequently thirsty. The device claims to chill everything from wine, to cocktails, to coffee in just one minute. In theory this means you could get away with never putting beer in the fridge and instead reserving that precious space for all the string cheese and meat snacks you can handle. 

Sushi phone case, Stainless-steel coffee press, Messermeister chef's torch
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Sushi phone case

Price: $35
Where to purchase:Urban Outfitters
There are a couple of ways to show the world just how much you love sushi. You can either carry raw fish pieces with you wherever you go, or you could cover your phone with this case adorned with adorable sushi illustrations. You pick, but the latter smells a lot better. 

Mah-Ze-Dahr baked good tote

Price: $75
Where to purchase: Mah-Ze-Dahr
It’s easy to be disappointed when a present turns out to be yet another savings bond (dammit, grandma!). It’s hard to be disappointed, however, when a present turns out to be a pile of dark chocolate brownies, chocolate chip cookies, house-made vanilla marshmallows, and fancy toffee from one of New York City’s best new bakeries. The baked goods come with a bag of upscale coffee and a cotton tote, basically making it three gifts in one.

Stainless-steel coffee press

Price: $49.95
Where to purchase: Starbucks
With its walnut handle and copper plating, this 34oz, Starbucks-branded French press adds a classier dimension to the standard glass press. And it includes a timer you can set so you don’t over-steep your coffee or tea. That means you’ll get fresh coffee in half the time it takes to get through a line and score a cup with your name spelled wrong at an actual Starbucks.

Messermeister chef's torch

Price: $49.95
Where to purchase: Sur La Table
Fact: Short of cooking while doing a blindfolded handstand, there are few things that impress kitchen onlookers like whipping out a chef’s torch. This sleek little number looks a bit like an old-school seltzer bottle, if a seltzer bottle blasted 2,700°F butane flames instead of cold water. Use it to brulee custards, melt cheese, and make quick s’mores without going outside. Or just wave it around. People will be stoked.

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