This Kosher Pizza Goes Slice-for-Slice With NYC's Best

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The words "kosher pizza" may not make sense together most places, but they do in Midwood, Brooklyn, home to one of NYC's -- and therefore, the United States' -- biggest Orthodox Jewish communities.

Here, neighborhood fixture Pizza Time has been slinging kosher pies to Midwood's devout Jews for over two decades. The shop is just a block west of the nationally acclaimed, not-kosher Di Fara, but amongst Midwood's devout Jews (and gentiles who aren't game to wait for a slice), it's the go-to spot for a legitimately delicious New York pizza. 

On this episode of Food/Groups, we caught up with Chanie Apfelbaum, the Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn native behind kosher food blog Busy In Brooklyn, to grab a slice at Pizza Time and discuss the crucial importance of Brooklyn's kosher pizza tradition.

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