"Frankensushi" Is the Beautiful Tuna & Salmon Combo of Your Dreams

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In a brilliant sushi recipe video by Make Sushi, Chef Davy Devaux takes the delicious combination of salmon and tuna sashimi to a whole new, monstrous level.

The Royal Roll, which has been lovingly dubbed "Frankensushi," fuses the two types of sashimi together -- literally. As seen in the recipe video, Devaux uses a "meat glue" (transglutaminase) to combine slices of salmon and tuna into a single piece of sashimi. You know, like Frankenstein, but with meat glue. Then, the beautiful orange-and-red checkered fish is sliced and placed atop the roll of julienned cucumbers and topped with a dot of Kewpie mayo. While the process looks tedious, the result looks amazing and probably tastes great, too.

(h/t Food Porn)

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