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Free gluten! Heroic YouTuber launches campaign to increase gluten consumption.

Published On 10/31/2013 Published On 10/31/2013
Sam Jones YouTube gluten
Sam Jones/Youtube

Coming to the conclusion that "sh*t tastes like fuc*ing cardboard", YouTube series At Home With Sam Jones -- which features a chick in New York and not the star of Flash Gordon -- recently launched a "Free Gluten" campaign to bring gluten and its glorious qualities back into the spotlight after a campaign against it has led people to think gluten-free stuff doesn't taste like crap. In the video, a sunglasses and turban-clad Jones bakes up gross-looking balls of stale pretzels, flour, and pizza dough, then takes to the street to give them out to people. One woman refers to gluten as something on her "never list" (probably along with second dates), while a group of chefs rally in support of Jones's theory that gluten allergies are something created by white people. Jones ends the video abruptly due to a feminine hygiene issue -- something that Flash would never do -- but not before bestowing the gift of gluten upon an entire family, thereby helping a new generation embrace the wonders of not being afraid to eat something that's been consumed for centuries.