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The French fry vending machine is here, and it's going to change your life

Published On 11/18/2013 Published On 11/18/2013

Yeah, you could go into your favorite fast food joint and just pay a human for some fries, but that's so Earlier-Part-of-2013. Beyondte Technology, a manufacturer in China, has created the first-ever FRENCH FRY VENDING MACHINE, which busts out hot, fresh fries in 95 seconds. The fries even come with your choice of sauce! Is it more or less useful than the pizza button? Who cares?!

Following five years of R&D&L (research & development & lunch), the contraptions were tested out in Brussels (they take their frites even more seriously than their sprouts), and are supposedly set to show up in apparently fry-crazed nations like Iran, Croatia, and Chile. And -- perhaps best of all -- Beyondte's website lists specific ways to "inspect perfect fries" by using your very own senses. For instance, your mouth should feel a "crisp outside and soft inside", while your ears should experience the sweet symphony of a "crisp sound... during eating". So, keep that in mind. (Thank you, Grub Street, for finding this beauty.)



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