Cheetos Popcorn Could Be Coming to a Movie Theater Near You

Unless you're going to one of these theaters, movie concessions are pretty depressing. They cost as much as your ticket, they're usually stale, and they're never as satisfying as the pile of candy you smuggled in from Rite Aid. Enter Frito-Lay. The snack empire is looking to give the concessions stand a much-needed boost with Cheetos Popcorn, a cheesy new product currently in development.

Cheetos Popcorn was first spotted at CinemaCon, a Vegas convention held by the National Association of Theatre Owners. While plenty of journalists were distracted by the Fantastic Four sneak peek, eagle-eyed reporters like BuzzFeed's Adam B. Vary were snapping important pictures of the bright orange popcorn -- which apparently came with a VIP hype man:

Sadly, you may have to stick with Sno-Caps for the time being. Frito-Lay spokesperson Alexia Allina emphasized that Cheetos Popcorn is still in the early development stages, and that she'd have more details when the stuff is ready for mass-market. Who knows when that'll be, but with any luck, we'll all be enjoying the new Star Wars with some Day-Glo fingerprints come Christmastime.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and would absolutely buy a small bag of this stuff for $12 at the multiplex. Follow her to matinees at @kristin_hunt.