This frozen McRib doesn't look QUITE as appetizing as the cooked version

The world got a whole lot more than it bargained ("$3 for a fast-food pork sandwich?!?!") for when Reddit user DJDanaK posted this photo of a corrugated white slab, aka a frozen McRib -- which was allegedly taken by their "buddy" who works at McDonald's. So, yeah, the McRib is back! And it certainly looks... cold and lifeless.Debate is still raging over at Reddit over how much stock should be taken in this particular representation, which looks like most frozen, mechanically separated meat products, except maybe a little bit... shapelier? It certainly is hard to believe that the juicy, sinewy, sauce-slathered sandwich that some Americans have come to love and crave starts out as icy and rigid as this. But hey, we don't look too great before we've had our coffee either.