The Funniest Fast-Food Sign Fails

You know those kids in high school who snuck into the IHOP parking lot late at night and rearranged the letters on the signboard from "TRY THE BREAKFAST SPECIAL" to "EAT A FAT PETER"? That shit was legendary.

Whether it's disgruntled employees, hilarious typos, or teenage hooligans, this Instagram round-up celebrates those beautiful smart-asses who make sitting in traffic jams suck just a little less.

First it's Caramel Latte Squares, now this...

It's cool, man, I'm good

Inflation, amirite?

This dollar menu is out of control

Don't worry, we won't

A classic

It's ours for the taping, boys

Early birds need not apply

Most important meal of the day

But when you close, bruh?

This cannot be legal

A stroke of marketing genius

The suspense is killing us


Damn, that WiFi DOES sound delicious

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