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This Massive Wok Feeds 60 People and Is Manned by a Damn Legend

What goes on in the back of Chinese restaurants is really a mystery to me. Do they outsource all their food? Is General Tso actually back there barking out orders? Do they spend their downtime writing vague fortunes and lucky numbers? 

One thing I never considered, was that every Chinese restaurant just had one dude in the back cooking in a giant wok that serves everyone. And since seeing this video, I can only assume this is the case at every Chinese restaurant in the world (prove me wrong, kids... prove me wrong).

It's damn efficient, requires only one very intense/nimble chef, and makes for incredible viral videos. Everyone wins! Especially that guy that keeps giving the peace sign and blocking our view. That guy is the best. 

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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. He's never once peed on a busboy, but once he threw up on a horse. Follow him @wilfulton.