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This Girl Folds Pizza Boxes Faster Than You Can Eat a Slice of Pizza

Published On 09/10/2015 Published On 09/10/2015

Pizza boxes don't usually get a second thought: it's the pizza we're after, really, and the vessel used to transport it is quickly cast aside in favor of the cheesy bounty inside. For Breanna Grey, though, these cardboard cheesepie containers are serious business -- as evidenced by the above video of her folding those suckers up at remarkable speed.

According to the Reddit thread where she originally posted the video, Grey's ninja-like folding skills were the result of working at a pizza place in Ottawa for seven years while she went to school. She doesn't even need to look at the damn things while she folds them, and unlike this joker from the Domino's commercial, she needs no flat surface to work her magic. Muscle memory's a helluva thing!

Putting her sweet box-folding skills aside, though, the true gold in this video has to be the color commentary provided by her awkward teenaged brother behind the camera. One Redditor summed it up best:




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