Everything You Need to Know About the Girl Scout Cookies Weed Strain

Can’t tell the difference between White Widow and Purple Urkle? Wondering what exactly’s in the Blue Dream you just smoked? We've created detailed profiles for each of the most popular, sought-after weed strains, in order to help cannabis users everywhere understand the different plants they’re smoking, eating, or otherwise consuming. Up next: Girl Scout Cookies.


Florida OG Kush x F1 Durban 

Place of origin

The Bay Area of Northern California is where the Cookie hype began in the early 2010s. Popularized by rapper Berner and his crew (now known as the “Cookie Fam” due to the strain’s reputation), Girl Scout Cookies is currently one of the most prolific and highly coveted varieties on dispensary shelves nationwide.

Approximate THC content

High (20%-25%)

What to expect

Cookies is a powerful strain, but feels like a true hybrid, riding the line between the relaxation of an indica and the social invigoration of a sativa. It’s a conversation-starter, making most users distinctly social, chatty, and happy, while also keeping them largely couch-bound. It’s a great strain for a card game or watching a funny TV show because it definitely improves mood and is best suited to more sedentary activities.

Girl Scout Cookies weed strain, cannabis, trichomes
Ry Prichard

How to spot it

Cookies is generally a mix of gray-green and purple colors, and is one of the frostiest varieties you’ll encounter, looking almost silver in its finished form. The flowers are super dense and very much on the small side, but have hardly any leaf at all.


The strain’s name comes from the flavor, which was thought to taste much like the “Thin Mints” variety of Girl Scout cookies because of its minty chocolate finish. It’s not a sweet strain by any means, but it definitely has sweeter elements hidden in the dark, slightly skunky, OG Kush-dominant terpene profile. Most users who like OG Kush or Bubba Kush varieties tend to also like Cookies.

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Ry Prichard is a freelance cannabis photographer and researcher who loves Haze more than just about anything. Follow him into the Colorado cannabis jungle @cannabisencyclo.