Glenn Beck Perfects Trump Impression, Dips Face in Crushed Cheetos

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There comes a point in every election cycle when inevitably, a (semi) popular TV talking head will dip his face in a pile of crushed Cheetos and pretend to be the presumptive GOP nominee.

OK, so this round of campaigning has been a particularly special type of clustercuss, but in a recent edition of "This isn't really happening, right?" conservative talk-show host Glenn Beck, on his aptly titled show The Glenn Beck Program, did sensually rub his big mug with Flamin' Hot Cheeto dust in an effort to look like Donald Trump, because this is the world we live in. Watch in the Super Deluxe video above as Beck and his BFFs say approximately 48 times over the soothing, new wave/'80s porn music, "If you stuck your face in Cheetos, crushed Cheetos, you would look just like Donald Trump." I mean... I guess. Beck's heard of a spray tan, right?

Political implications aside, it's a rare visceral thrill to watch a grown-ass man roll his face around in a crushed-up cheese snack. But also, does anyone know a girl in Canada I can marry? Preferably soon?

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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. This video soothed his soul. Follow him: @wilfulton.