The French are making gold cricket chocolates now

Musquar cricket chocolate

Are you an extra-adventurous food-lover? Or just someone who wants to slam mad bugs without the side-eye from strangers? Well then, chocolatier Sylvain Musquar has got a (literal) treat for you. His boutique in the city of Nancy, France just added a bizarro new delicacy: gold dust-coated cricket and worm chocolates.Musquar came up with the idea while visiting Asia and seeing some menus with insect options. He decided to mix the critters into his sweets, though he opted to cover them in edible gold dust first to make them a little less windshield-worthy. Apparently his tactics have paid off -- dude's already sold dozens of nine-piece chocolate boxes for €22 each, or about $30 for us gold cricket-deprived Americans. So if you're still bummed about missing the cicada-cookin' train in May, consider this the (super-fancy) next-best-thing.