Ramen burgers, delivered right to your mail box

When the ramen burger dropped at Brooklyn's Smorgasburg, people went nuts. Its imitators were met with similarly crazed fandom (and fandom's telltale long lines) in San Francisco and Chicago. But now, the frankenfood's progenitor is bringing the insanity to mailboxes all over the country. Because all mailboxes should include burgers.

Delivery start-up Goldbely -- which ships iconic foods from around the country -- is partnering with noodle-bun inventor Keizo Shimamoto to sell a limited batch of ramen burgers on their site beginning at noon today. The burgers will be released at random times for purchase throughout the day on Tuesday and Wednesday in packages of two and four burgers. Every package contains ramen noodle buns, beef patties, and Shimamoto's secret Shoyu Glaze sauce, allowing you to perfectly replicate the restaurant experience, minus the lines.

All orders will ship for delivery on Friday, May 16th, and you better make sure yours is one of them by monitoring the Goldbely site starting at noon EST. These suckers are going to go fast.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and will be monitoring StubHub for scalped ramen burgers just in case Goldbely crashes. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.