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The world's largest collection of pizza boxes belongs to this ravenous man

Published On 11/14/2013 Published On 11/14/2013
World's largest pizza box collection
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Scott Wiener didn't choose the pizza life, the pizza life chose him. And this Brooklynite has been hustlin' in more ways than one: not only does he conduct tours of famous NY pizzerias for a living, he also boasts the largest collection of pizza boxes in the world. Wouldn't you know it, he's also written a book about pizza boxes. He's super into pizza, if you didn't get that. Guinness officially decreed Wiener's pizza box stash the grandest in the land today, as part of Guinness World Records Day. The collection boasts 595 cardboard entries gathered from 42 different countries. Most of them never contained actual pies, but the ones that did have been cleaned and coated in polyurethane for permanent storage, just like Walt Disney's remains!



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