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The 5 things we need to eat at Guy Fieri's new steakhouse

Flavortown recently expanded into Atlantic City, as Guy Fieri's Chophouse made its debut in Bally's. And despite the menu's startling lack of Donkey Sauce, there are quite a few potential must-eat all-stars on the menu, brother. These are the ones that have our hairs standing on end.

1. Rodeo Shrimp Dragon Roll
Really, any shrimp tempura without a solid background in horse wrangling should not be trusted.

2. Guy's Potato Rig
If this isn't the same size as an actual oil rig, we're going to be severely disappointed. But it probably is.

3. Danger Wings
The only thing to eat when you're entering the DANGER ZONE.

4. New York Strip with "Steak Bling"
That bling would be bacon & shrimp scampi, crunchy tempura lobster knuckles, or Q'D mushrooms & onions. Because sides of princess-cut diamonds are purely on a BYO basis. 

5. Bambino Maple Bourbon Carrots
If maple and bourbon are involved, we might actually eat carrots for once, if only to realign our vision after the bourbon part. Especially if it's paired with Babe Ruth's Champagne shampoo.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and thinks the Port Authority bus to Atlantic City is a sociologist's dream, but her nightmare. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.