Hack The Menu is your ultimate guide to fast-food secret menu items

Lots of "secret menu" items (like these In-N-Out beauties) stopped being secrets ages ago. But it can be hard to keep track of all the off-book shakes and sandwiches at your disposal, which is why the awesome database #HackTheMenu handily compiled them all for you. The site is a treasure trove of picks from Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, Taco Bell, and many more, but we decided to give you just five headliners from their archives to store in your mindbank immediately. Bonus points if you order any of these "secret" items in Morse code.

Five Guys patty melt
Hack The Menu

Patty Melt (Five Guys)

You should never have to choose between a grilled cheese sandwich and a burger, which is why Five Guys lets you (covertly) order them together. Just ask the person in charge for a grilled cheese with a hamburger patty, and then pick out all your toppings. You can even get multiple patties, if you have no fear or knowledge of coronary heart disease.

Gummy Bear Smoothie (Jamba Juice)

Taking a page straight out of Haribo's playbook, Jamba Juice offers a non-official "Gummy Bear" smoothie that's as green as Pacino in the beginning of The Godfather. The blend of sherbets, peaches, milk, and lemonade is supposed to taste just like candy, though you could be drinking a very healthy kale shake for all the rest of the world knows.

KFC poutine
Flickr/Calgary Reviews

Poutine (KFC)

While KFC Canada offers the stuff in plain sight, 'Muricans looking to climb aboard the gravy train will have to order off the books. Availability totally depends on the location's cheese curd supply, so you might wanna have a backup stash of curds, just to be safe.

Frito Pie (Sonic)

The cheesy pride of the South is available at Sonic to customers in the know. Pair it with the chain's other secret menu all-star, the surprisingly SFW Dr. Pepper Orgasm, for fast-food spy status.

McDonald's McCrepe
Hack The Menu

McCrepe (McDonald's)

Order hotcakes, order a yogurt parfait, smash them together and you have the McCrepe. It might not be the most elegant item on this list, but that's probably because it was invented by Gerard Depardieu after his morning bottle of wine.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and always has a backup stash of cheese curds. Follow her to coded drive-thru orders at @kristin_hunt.