Hall & Oatesmeal is on your (grocery) list

Hall & Oatesmeal

After Earl Sweatshirt rapped about Olive Garden, we didn't think we'd see a greater moment of celebrity food synergy. But leave it to the unstoppable '80s powerhouse of Hall & Oates to change the game yet again, this time with a line of oatmeals amazingly named Hall & Oatesmeal.

Daryl and John are releasing the "only Hall & Oates-endorsed oatmeal" as a variety pack, featuring flavors "cheekily" named after their own hit songs. Those flavors, with sublime promotional copy, are...

  • Maneater - "Whoa here it comes: The Maneater is full of stuff men like to chew up, including bacon bits and protein powder."
  • Rich Swirl - "This mix is packed with fine brown sugar and a cinnamon swirl so decadent, it almost goes too far, but you know it don't matter anyway."
  • Date for Me - "An oatmeal bursting with real, dried dates is worth waiting for, even if the midnight hour is long over."
  • You Make My (Peaches &) Creams Come True - "It might be hard to handle, but this variety has all the peachy goodness and vitamins you need to twist and shout way out."

Though we have yet to see if these things sell as well as H2O, Hall & Oates is planning to expand into other branded breakfast products if the oatmeal line takes off. Fingers crossed for boxes of Hall-y Bunches of Oates by 2015.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and has been known to lean heavily on the Ballin' Oates mix in times of stress. Follow her to thoughts and dreams that scatter at @kristin_hunt.