"Haulin' Oats" Granola Is Being Sued by the Real Hall & Oates

Published On 03/07/2015 Published On 03/07/2015

In an apparent effort to ensure that nobody ever associates them with granola ever again, famous rock musicians Hall & Oates have reportedly sued a Brooklyn company over a product called "Haulin' Oats," which they believe "is an obvious play upon plaintiff’s well-known Hall & Oates mark, and was selected by defendant in an effort to trade off of the fame and notoriety associated with the artist’s and plaintiff’s well-known marks." If there's one thing that really moves granola, it's notoriety.

Early Bird, the defendant in the lawsuit, is based out of Red Hook in Brooklyn, and sells three-packs of Haulin' Oats for $27. The company is a small-batch granola purveyor founded by Nekisia Davis, whose products are now distributed in 38 states as well as Europe and Japan. When asked to comment about the charges being levied against her and her company, Davis merely remarked, "Say it isn't so."

Hall & Oates are seeking damages and asking that any products bearing the name "Haulin' Oats" be destroyed. They're also going on tour this spring and summer.

Adam Lapetina is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and lawsuits make him more likely to seek out products. Read his musings at @adamlapetina.



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