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Han Solo Pop Tarts Are the Breakfast You're Looking For

Published On 09/18/2015 Published On 09/18/2015

Not very long ago, in a kitchen close, close by...

Proving once again that the quickest way to a Star Wars fan's heart is via the prospect of sugary treats, Falcon Toys has released what looks like the greatest crossover in history: Pop Tarts, molded to look like Han Solo's carbonite-frozen form at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. Agony never looked so delicious!

Now, before you get too excited, we should point out that these pop tarts aren't actually edible -- they're made of resin, hand-painted to look like the genuine article, and probably wouldn't taste as good as they look.

Adding insult to injury, Falcon Toys only made a limited run of 15 of the tasty-looking treats, and they're no longer available for purchase. We haven't been this upset by a Star Wars spin-off since the Holiday Special.

Still, given how quickly these babies sold out, we're holding out hope that the folks over at Kellogg's take the hint and produce some legit edible versions in time for the new Star Wars movie's release on Christmas Day.

Help us, Kellogg's. You're our only hope.

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