This Himalayan Salt Block Is the Perfect Hack for Aspiring Cooks


Too much salt -- and not enough salt -- can equally spoil a meal. But it's also without a doubt the most essential ingredient in your kitchen cabinet. With the success of your kitchen creations hanging so precariously in the balance, what's an aspiring cook to do? Here's a hint: invest in a Himalayan salt block. 

Here's how it works: It's basically a big, solid slab of Himalayan salt, and it works wonders for whatever food it is that you're preparing. For hot items, it absorbs and distributes heat evenly, and simultaneously seasons it during the cooking process. Plunk it on the grill and place your desired seafood or steak on top, and boom, you have a beautifully seasoned sear. Taking the raw route is just as easy -- simply chill the thing in your fridge, and then you can use it to cure sashimi, or gently salt and serve the likes of guacamole, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables (all while boosting your Instagram presence with aesthetically pleasing food spreads. Points for presentation!). It's basically an honorary degree from a culinary school, and it's a block of salt. Science, am I right?

You can find Himalayan salt blocks in most home supply stores like Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, and Bed Bath & Beyond, so we'll let you determine your own path. From one sodium enthusiast to another, stay salty.

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Meredith Balkus is the homepage editor for Thrillist Video. She'll stop being salty when you do, too. Follow her @meredithbalkus

Thumbnail image credit: Flickr/Mike McCune