Hooters Is Giving Away Free Wings to Single People on Valentine's Day

Until now, your bad relationships earned you nothing but sour memories and, if you're lucky, a couple of good stories. But now you can also use it to get the classiest Valentine's Day dinner money doesn't need to buy.

Hooters, that reliable sitcom punchline, is offering free boneless chicken wings -- aka chicken nuggets for adults -- on Valentine's Day. Here's how it works. Go to your local Hooters on February 14 with a photo of an ex-partner. Order 10 wings, and hand over the photo to go in the Valentine's Day paper shredder. As a reward, you'll get 10 free boneless chicken wings. 

If the thought of prepubescent boys drooling at a Hooters after hockey practice is a bit too much to handle, you can also digitally shred your ex. You can upload a photo and have it faux-shredded. For your troubles, you'll get a digital coupon for free wings that you can consume in the silence of your own apartment.

If things are such that you can't decide which ex to shred, well, you can probably bring in a whole pile of photos to go in the Hooters' shredder. However, you won't get 10 wings for every bad relationship you've endured.

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