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This gigantic sausage is covered in beer cheese, Packers pride

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In Wisconsin, cheese, beer, sausage, and the Packers represent the four main components of every heart. Now, they're all coming together at Lambeau Field, which is rolling out a beer cheese-basted sausage the size of Aaron Rogers' head.

The "Horse Collar" is a nearly 2ft-long sausage bent into a Lambeau original roll and doused in healthy servings of beer cheese and sauerkraut. You'll need a crisp $20 to grab one, as well as a buddy to help you escort this monster back to your seats. Unless you scored preseason tix (or secretly live at Lambeau), the Collar will be sadly out of reach until the Packers face off against the Jets on September 14th. But don't worry: other ballparks still have plenty of ridiculous eats to tide you over.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and frequently gives 1060 West Addison as her address, because she likes Jake Blues's style. Follow her to sweet seats at @kristin_hunt.