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Everyone has abandoned Hot Pockets

They played a very important role in your high school and college years, and Jim Gaffigan's entire career, but it seems we've all fallen out of love with Hot Pockets. According to intel from the Chicago market research firm IRL, Hot Pockets sales have been tanking hard in 2014, and no amount of Snoop Dogg commercials can save them.

A terrifying chart reveals that sales every single month this year have been worse than their 2013 counterparts -- May was especially egregious, posting a -18% drop. Businessweektheorizes that the Hot Pockets dip is part of a larger disinterest in frozen foods. People are apparently going fresh in growing numbers, which means freezer favorites are getting ditched for things like (shudder) kale. Hot Pockets parent company Nestle also thinks a recent cut in food stamps has counted out some customers, but all explanations aside, these are dire times for the Hot Pocket. Let's pray this trend doesn't claim Totino's next.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist. She has only ever bought Hot Pockets from CVS very late at night. Follow her to 3am secrets at @kristin_hunt.