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How a guy got paid $42500 for carrying candy in his pockets

Published On 10/24/2013 Published On 10/24/2013

You might want to stash those York patties the next time you pass a parked police car because that peppermint could get you arrested, junkie. It actually happened to Staten Island resident George Pringle, who was hauled to jail two years ago for crack cocaine possession by the NYPD when he was caught outside a barbershop... with peppermints in his pockets. Apparently the cops refused to test the stuff before arresting Pringle, locked him up for 27hrs, and then released him when they finally tested the mints and discovered they were, in fact, totally legal candy. (Yeah, science!) Here's the supremely ironic part: Pringle is a substance abuse counselor. Anyway, dude sued for false arrest and just won $42500 in court. Moral of the story? Start checking your candy store for undercover cops. Or don't, and eventually get some serious dough from the government. Thanks, Uncle Sam!