How to (Basically) Get a Big Mac for $2 Less Than the Menu Price

Big Mac pictures
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The middle bun in McDonald's Big Mac is useless. Troubling, even. It places a decidedly unnecessary wedge between the two cuts of McMeat, the obvious stars of the show, and frankly, it's just too much bread.

That being said, any diligent consumer would be right to feel insufferable rage upon reading this random Reddit rant, which lays out how to get what is essentially a Big Mac for $2 less than the menu price. The only difference? This hacked sandwich has no dumb middle bun. 

Yes, people. We are paying a full $2 (sometimes more) just for that middle bun in the Big Mac. Oh, and I guess those sesame seeds, too. 

Big Mac Hacks
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Here's how to hack the Big Mac

In case you were too lazy to click on that Reddit post.

  • Order a McDouble, calmly
  • Tell them you want Big Mac Sauce™ instead of ketchup or mustard (yes, you can do that), say please
  • Tell them you want lettuce
  • Be cool

What you're left with is the same thing as a Big Mac, sans middle bun... and those sesame seeds atop the bun. Damn. 

Big Mac Weigh In
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Science confirms this works

Because weighing things is science, right? With my scale that measures grams (please don't ask me why I have this) we looked at the hard numbers. As you can see, our McDouble Mac-thing (on the left) actually weighs more at 151g than the Big Mac itself, which weighs 144g. I can't be sure why this weight discrepancy exists, as both sandwiches are said to use the same 63g patties.

Prices vary from state to state, but generally McDoubles go for around $2, while Big Macs retail from $4-$5. In New York, where this experiment took place, a Big Mac averages $5.23, while a McDouble is priced at $1.82. I was also charged an extra 10 cents for lettuce. That's a whopping $3.31 difference -- enough scratch to get two packs of Big League Chew. Cool.

Never let the middle bun drag your wallet and spirit down again.

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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. He was really chill about asking for the Big Mac Sauce. Follow him: @wilfulton.