6 Insanely Expensive Resto Dishes... That You Can Make for Cheaper

Fleurburger 5000
MGM Resorts International

The bill’s arrival at the end of a meal is rarely a welcome moment. But imagine if it read like this: that meal just cost you five grand. That’s what would happen if you ordered the LaFleur burger in Vegas.
Sure, if you’re the sort to overlook dropping a couple Gs on a meal you plan to eat with your hands, then dining out is probably no big thing. But, if you’re like most people, eating out always much more expensive, often needlessly.

Here’s a list of the most opulent restaurant offerings we could find—and how much they might cost you to make at home. 

Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata
Courtesy of Le Parker Meridien

$1,000 Lobster Frittata at Norma's in New York, NY

How does this thing cost this much? One word: caviar. The so-called “zillion-dollar” omelette has ten ounces of it piled on, which makes up $350 of the price. Though we found this Black Capelin caviar from Iceland, which is likely not as high-grade as what Norma’s uses (probably American Sturgeon), but only costs $23 for 14 oz.


  • Maine Lobster ($16)
  • Eggs ($2) 
  • Chives ($3) 
  • Cream ($3)
  • Icelandic Black Capelin caviar ($23)

What can I buy with the money I saved? You’ll save $625, even with their fancy caviar—more without it. With that kind of money, you could buy 13.5 Kangol Union hats. That is exactly the right amount of boss lids.


Fleurburger 5000
MGM Resorts International

$5,000 Burger at LaFleur in Las Vegas, NV

How does this thing cost this much? OK, right off the bat, cut price in half—the burger comes with a bottle of wine that cost $2500, a 1995 vintage of Petrus. We’re still left with a $2500 burger—but wait! You can keep the wine glasses! They’re Italian imports by Ichendorf Brunello, which cost about $40 each.


  • Kobe beefsteak ($50)
  • Black truffles ($300)
  • Foie gras ($25)
  • An artisanal bun ($25 for a set)

What can I buy with the money I saved? So, all together, it’s a $400 burger. You’ll save $2100 (not including the French fries), which you could use to buy a Breville Oracle Espresso Machine—even if those fries somehow cost $100.  


?Nino’s Bellissima Pizza
Nino’s Bellissima Pizza

$1,000 Pizza at Nino's in New York, NY

How does this thing cost this much? Once again, caviar is the culprit. According to the restaurant, the combination of six different varieties of caviar costs near $820. 


  • Maine Lobster ($16)
  • Flour ($4)
  • Yeast ($3)
  • Olive oil ($17)
  • Tomato sauce ($2)
  • Mozzarella ($3) 
  • Icelandic Black Capelin caviar ($23 for 14 oz.)

What can I buy with the money I saved? You could buy three of these bog toilet monsters on Amazon.

White Truffle Cream Cheese Bagel
Westin New York At Times Square

$1,000 Bagel at Westin Hotel New York at Times Square in New York, NY 

How does this thing cost this much? It has white truffle cream cheese and 24k edible gold. Truffles are expensive, that’s the takeaway. 


  • White truffle cream ($18) 
  • Regular cream cheese ($3)
  • Artisanal bagel ($5)
  • Edible gold paper ($3)
  • Riesling jelly ($4 a jar) 

What can I buy with the money I saved? Dude, you could get 20,000 metal paper clip thingys.

The Barclay Prime Cheesesteak
STARR Restaurants

$120 Philly Cheesesteak at Barclay Prime in Philadelphia, PA 

How does this thing cost this much? The most reasonably priced member of our list supports the idea that 1000 bucks in New York is 100 in Philly. It’s still pricey for a cheesesteak, mostly because it uses Wagyu ribeye and comes with a half bottle of champagne. That’s right, a half a bottle. Classy town. It’s $50 for a full one, so we’ll chalk that cost up to $25.


  • Wagyu ribeye ($24 for 8 oz.)
  • Foie gras ($25)
  • Cheese whiz ($3)
  • Artisanal roll ($4) 

What can I buy with the money I saved? 15 bottles of regular Cheese Whiz. The recipe actually calls for "truffle cheese whiz," which isn't something you can readily buy, but probably something you could make.  

Golden Opulence Sundae
Liz Steger

$1,000 Ice Cream Sundae at Serendipity 3 in New York, NY

How does this thing cost this much? For one, the ingredients need to be shipped from all around the world. In fact, you’ve got to order it 48 hours in advance, so the restaurant has time to gather all the exotic sweets they’ll need. Oh, and once again, subtract the price of the $300 Baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet—which is yours to keep, should you buy this superfluous Serendipity sundae.


  • 1.8 oz. of Amedei Porcelana chocolate ($12.50)
  • Tahitian vanilla ice cream ($45)
  • Venezuelan Chuao chocolate ($60)
  • Edible paper ($4)
  • Chocolate truffles ($10 at Godiva for a 4-piece)
  • Marzipan cherries ($5)

What can I buy with the money I saved? 25 leopard geckos.

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