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Mexican staples + sea urchin = damn

Published On 05/01/2013 Published On 05/01/2013

Thrillist invited 11 restaurants to a party for the sole purpose of inflaming their jealousy of each other to see which one liked us most seeing what kind of crazy tacos they could invent. NY Sushi Ko met the challenge, and came up with their Uni Taco. Here's how to make it:

1. Fry wonton skins in vegetable oil at 325 degrees, making wontons into the shape of taco while frying. Remove from oil when light gold in color, salt and place on drying rack. 2. Source the best California uni: this will require spending some time researching local distributors, and sampling the selection. Don't be misled. Higher price doesn't mean higher quality. 3. Cut myoga into julienne and rinse for 5mins under water. 4. Repeat step 3 for cucumber. 5. Crush wasabi peas into dust. 6. Layer the wonton in a small bed of cucumber, a tongue of uni, pinch of myoga, lightly garnish with crushed wasabi peas and enjoy with or without a drizzle of soy sauce.



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