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The ultimate guide to tipping everyone

Published On 06/01/2014 Published On 06/01/2014
guide to tipping
Lee Breslouer/Jennifer Bui
Andy Kryza

"If I did all this legwork and had to deal with stupid people for an hour or two and you tip me 10%, I'm gonna stab somebody."

Doug Fir Lounge

"It doesn't matter whether you got a friend discount or if the kitchen screwed up, you should still tip on the original amount."


"We tend to get a bunch of new customers when the weather is terrible, and the general rationale seems to be, 'We won't order from them for a while so it's okay if we tip below average'."

Dan Gentile

[Five dollars] is a really gracious tip for a barista. I've been a barista for 15 years. Tips are 35-50% of a barista's salary. It's a lot.